Swisscom empower their enterprise security

Marcel Zumbuehl, Head of Security, Swisscom explains why being a trustful partner to their customers is paramount when balancing the level of security investment and risk.

Nestle Nespresso value real-time security intelligence

Stéphane Rosa, Information Security Manager, Nestle Nespresso says that security needs to be an investment not just to protect data but also the brand and customers.

The inevitable Threat to your share price

What is the impact to brand and reputational damage following a breach - especially with the legal obligation to declare any breach?

Invisible cyber threats: How do you know you are safe?

It’s not just the pure value of a company’s data any more - hacktivism and the moral motives, result in such diversity meaning that attacks become ever more unpredictable in their nature.

A security man who means business

Quentyn Taylor is the director of information security, governance, and risk at Canon Europe. He is known in the industry for being one of its most progressive security professionals. Inform went to meet him and discovered that his thinking is matched by acute business sense.